O U R   B E L I E F

Our Planet originates from our Sun 

To be close to the land and connected to our Planet

Our Star gives its energy as part of the continuation of life

S O L H I 

was created after working 2 years as a MC and DJ for weddings and events in the Southern California region.

Before then, I had never thought, ever, I would hold this profession. Yet, there I was with the honor of introducing family members, making people dance, laugh, sweat, and live in joy. I went into it headstrong working as hard as I could, and I was rewarded with the success of over 100 happy couples and companies who had included me in part of their special day.


Basically, I partied every weekend, completely sober

-  because, you know, it's still a job.

I began to notice the majority of weddings and the industry weren't evolving beyond an overused template.

I wanted to offer more and contribute my life experience to work that has given me so much. During 2019 I voyaged to Oaxaca, México and discovered new music and thought. At the beginning of 2020, before the masks, I traveled to the Yucatán Peninsula and it evolved me. During this time I was creating visuals, exploring new sounds along with the moods they created, and had put together the beginnings of

S O L H I.

The Industry was coming to that time of

vendors showing at Expos and the 2020 season beginning.

Then, a pandemic completed stopped everything. 


Adaptation is essential to survival and continuation, and the world has shifted to be more online. Virtual Weddings were created, and I now believe they are an amazing wedding option even when we begin large, live weddings again. Yet, another problem arose - What about out of country, destination weddings you need to get on a plane to travel and attend? Or, what if you want to keep it more economical yet don't want your living room as a backdrop?

I want people to continue living in the joy a gathering brings.

But, there needs to be an adaptation beyond just setting a couple up on ZOOM for an hour. Weddings are grand, opulent, and revered no matter the budget, so Virtual Weddings deserve to be as equal in their own way. I needed to bring these beautiful places of the world, I was seeing on my travels, to these couples who had plans of a perfect day - so, Virtual Destination Weddings were created.

Exploration, Humanity, and the Earth have helped form a foundation for  S O L H I  to offer new value beyond the expected.



S O L H I  creates offerings reflecting:

the beauty of this Earth that sustains us

and, what is now,

the privilege of faraway travel.


afford you the ability to have a stunning wedding

in a beautiful place that may be too difficult for travel during and after this current health pandemic.

Celebrate with your loved ones, and our wedding guides will handle everything you need.



add an updated look and vibe to the everyday wedding and party choices.

Like we saw at festivals and clubs, yet these are sourced from Earth instead of completely computer generated.

For Live Gatherings

these visuals can go behind your DJ,

or used as a couples' table backdrop formatted to fit your REELS.


These visuals as a virtual backdrop will start and sustain the energy while keeping the engagement high.



I've had fun working with so many great professionals in the wedding and event industry.

Unlike some venues, planners, and companies that just charge to be on their vendor list - I've worked with these services, tried their products, and recommend those who are great.

S O L H I  offers to connect you with these spirit guides.

What ever you are here for - my hope is that it makes you smile, enjoy life, and live in love.

Christian Manzo



 S O L H I  Visuals  offers a representation of Earth as a foundation of the  S O L H I  Group 

We do this with intention of value, joy, and unity for all tribes