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LA PAZ, Just 2 hours north of Cabo San Lucas, offers a refined, understated, and naturally luxurious setting in the heart of

Baja California Sur, México.

Playa Balandra La Paz Mexico Best Beaches of Mexico

Playa Balandra, just 30 minutes from La Paz Center, will make you feel like you're swimming in a Topo Chico bottle. It's crystal turquoise waters, protected lands, and reddish-brown desert landscape - jutting up from the Earth - will have you saying I DO to permanent remote everything.

As the tranquility washes over you, you'll be more relaxed to perhaps pop the question with the perfectly bright white, sandy, yacht filled backdrop to help. Then, returning to this paradise to seal the deal, you have many options to fit many budgets in a less Hard Rock more real rocks vibe.

In this article, we'll talk about:

What LA PAZ has to offer

Picks for the perfect Rehearsal Dinner

Where to Stay

and Venues

Don't worry, you won't be hiking in a wedding dress... Unless, you're down for it.


La Paz takes pride in and protects its city to nature balance. You have boundless outdoor activities from off-roading, snorkel, SUP, boating, golfing, fishing, jetski, to yes - even getting you and your friends on the yellow banana to laugh and spill drinks while skimming across the water at high speeds. This banana being at one of the other many beaches: Playa Tecolote. This beach has several restaurants, tables in the sand, and the same clear waters as Balandra while still keeping it without major resort construction. They also keep their available bananas PG to a tasteful 1.

- What sets La Paz beaches apart from Cabo San Lucas:

  • Less crowded, More Local

  • Less Spring Break, More Lively-Family Oriented

  • Some you need to off-road to and bring a packed cooler. These are arguably the most beautiful beaches of México and the World.

*** NOTE we highly recommend going off the tourist path to experience small, family run restaurants and stays. You'll enjoy authentic, delicious home cooked meals and get to the day to day vibe of the city. Even better? Have your rehearsal dinner in a local home.

It all depends on the experience you seek, and these below ensure it will be memorable.


Back from la playa in 30 minutes, rinse off to relax and re-charge for what the warm night may bring. There are many restaurants and bars to choose from along the Malecón, but we'll keep it to under 5 top picks.

- An intimate Rehearsal Dinner would go well in these easy to get to locations in

La Paz Centro:

NEMI La Paz Menu Food Items

NEMI - Their award winning comida, artisan glassware, and kombucha for after is a choice for contemporary Mexican, attentive service, and beautiful flavor. They have an intimate family size table in a just big enough, light filled space. A consistent, solid restaurant.

BAJA CLUB - A Lifestyle Hotel set in a Colonial Villa across from the Malecón. Candle lighting make your fiancé look great while taking in the bar mixology and Greek cuisine. They offer outdoor Pérgola dining, inside and outdoor bar seating, and Rooftop with unobstructed views of La Paz bay. Great design, great vibe, dress: candle-lit sexy.

ODAYAKA - For a slightly more casual setting yet with the best sushi in La Paz, take a short ride to the nearby Puerta Cortes Resort for generous servings of fresh local and Japanese fish. Melts in your mouth.

SORTIS - Mediterraneo y Italiano, all will feel comfortable with their great service, warm atmosphere, and delicious food to complement memorable family conversation.

After Gelato dessert from Giulietta e Romeo, walk along the Malecón, party with mezcal y reggeatón, or rest for the next day ahead


A restful night is imperative to thinking, looking, and feeling your best:

- Return to one of the appointed rooms of Baja Club. You have 1 of 7 styles to choose that fits your wants and needs. Remember: low lighting, relaxed sexy vibe.

- Hotel Catedral in the heart of La Paz Centro. Across from the Catedral and 2 blocks up from the Malecón. A classic choice nearby everything.

- On the north side of the malecón are many resorts and some with a long history here in La Paz. Directly across from your Odayaka sushi dinner is the Puerta Cortes Resort or the nearby standard Hyatt Place. Both offer incredible bay views looking out across to the Malecón. You'll see blue waters, cruise ships, yachts, golf courses, and mountains.


- Finally, your DAY is here! -

La Paz Mexico Wedding Venue Rancho Las Cruces

With over 10,000 acres and 7 miles of natural Beach

no 2 weddings are the same at Rancho Las Cruces.

They offer full service Ceremony to End, overnight accommodation for 80, and have vendors such as DJs, Florists, and Fireworks on hand.

Our Top Venue Choice.


This Pearl of a city is waiting for you.


La Paz Mexico Wedding Venue Rancho Las Cruces

La Paz, Baja California Sur, México

With your toes in the sand saying


Alright, Alright, Alright.

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Keep your mind, body, and spirit open to receive the Sun's energy as you bathe in its light.

Love and Sun Energy,



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