Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Recreational Ganja Now Legal, Big Money Is In.


Plant is Legalized, REC Sales in 1 to 2 years from Wednesday Bill Signing

NY's attempt at Racial Equity, Funds to Communities + Past Charges Expunged

Post 2020 Weed Industry Stronger, Weed Bar Parties from the West


Finally, the Concrete Jungle got a little greener this past week. Wednesday morning, MAR 31, GOV Cuomo signed the bill that legalizes Recreational Cannabis in New York State. Looks like your quarantine meditation and mantras have. paid. off! So, what now?

The revenue, projected to be 4.2 billion by 2027, will start filling the coffers (Gen Z translation: A Very High-Yield Spending Account to start a diverse business, make smart investments, and help communities plagued with inequality). We hope.

40% of Cannabis Tax Revenue will be "steered" to minority communities that have been arrest targets. Lets be honest. Which racial groups other than _______ have been arrest target, or worse, due to whatever reason whether or not they possessed marijuana and Why? Under this new bill, those alive with previous charges will go through an expungement process clearing activity now deemed legal under the new bill. When? How? As soon as the state government updates their operating system. Ideally, it is a step in the right direction.

With such a mass exodus of city dwellers across the nation, will they return from the farms + suburbs or stay among the lands of non-existent Uber Eats delivery routes? In 1 to 2 years, NY will begin to see recreational sales. Although a few already existing, big companies will have license priority and special treatment, this bill opens NY up to recreational dispensaries, weed delivery (I'm pretty sure that was already a thing in Brooklyn), consumption lounges, cannayoga we can yoga studios, and anything else you can dream of that's allowed by the proper authorities. All those drunken Leprechauns and Santacons prowling the Village streets just got a pass to f things up even more - or completely turn a new leaf 🎅🌱🙏 .

Here are the highlights worth noting:

6 mature plants per 2 adult household (so, a 6 story walkup with 6 apts per floor could have 216 happy friends in the Eater hotspot leftovers composted rooftop garden? someone check that.)

‣ Legally allowed to Smoke wherever Tobacco smoking is permitted. In the CITY, that means it's allowed while walking on sidewalks. (CONTACT HIGH. Yes, please.)

‣ Club-like consumption lounges permitted (🤯)

Weed bars, a norm amongst the Bieber parties of LA, are going East.

Weed-Infused Weddings hold tremendous potential to marriage a deep rooted industry with one just beginning to sprout organically. Couples now have the choice beyond Pinterest mood boards, music, food, and lighting for the vibe of their special day. Alcohol or Cannabis? Or do you offer both? Don't mix or you'll start doing things you don't usually do and start talkin bout your life. Drake, who recently launched a cannabis company, could supply the favors. Flowers in the bouquet, cbd infused cocktails, budtenders, and first-time guides are merely a quarter of the possibilities that could become available for your big day.

Cannabis at Weddings offer a new dimension to how celebrations could go. Imagine how fun, relaxing, lit, and vibrant it could be.

Hopefully when social restrictions start to ease, and outdoor or indoor weddings begin again, couples could attend wedding expos to meet potential vendors. These vendors work with couples to curate the best solutions and products for their weddings! A leader paving the way for couples to meet vendors live is the Cannabis Wedding Expo.

SOLHI incorporates these vendors, both traditional and cannabis infused, into your Destination Wedding Experience.


Have a Destination Wedding in mind, but not ready to travel?


Here is what you would have to deal with on top of wedding planning:

‣ Make sure out of country guests are not travel banned from the US

‣ Risk exposure to COVID-19 or new COVID variants due to travel

‣ Organize everyone returning to the US to get COVID tested no further than 72hrs from your flight (cuts into wedding time)

SOLHI VISUALS™ offers a Destination Wedding Experience entirely produced and live-streamed from your own professional production studio. Make-Up, Lighting, Cameras, and Craft Services (Hollywood talk for Catering).

You and your group will be on set in the perfect backdrop from worldwide destinations. Followed by an in-studio dancefloor, you'll be live-streaming to your guests and followers - wherever they are!

*Those who would rather not travel can join the wedding, on any device, LIVE*

We currently produce Studio Destination Weddings in Southern California.

We will soon be scouting NYC for the next perfect SOLHI production studio.


If you'd would like more info or to book your date click the reservation link to begin your journey!



Until then - thank you for time, tell yourself you and the world are full of possibility, and love what you have.


destination: México


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